Friday, January 06, 2006

January 6, 2006
Another warm one on the high Sonoran Desert. Supposed to break a record today with 82 for the high (I think the previous high was 80 in 1946, or something). The office is really humming, Trish Brink and crew are really fighting and scrambling to bring in our travel issue at a record high 152 pages. Joel Klasky and Sue Lamber both are flirting with personal best sales records and George Laibe is doing his damndest to grab as much of Texas as he can with two fists and a headset.

My spies in the Dakotas tell me Martin Scorsese is looking at locations for an upcoming bio-epic on Teddy Roosevelt’s years as a cowboy. Variety says Paramount Pictures has optioned the Pulitzer Prize-winning Edmund Morris' book “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt” for screenwriter Nicholas Meyer (The Human Stain) to adapt for the big screen. The movie will start when Roosevelt was 25, and portrays the future 26th president as he transforms himself from an “asthmatic, nearsighted 125-pounder to this Sherman tank of a man so tough that he once got shot on his way to make a speech and completed his talk, bleeding with a bullet in his chest.” Let’s hope they film this one in the Dakotas and not Canada.

More Inside Info on the Mark Boardman wedding from the Newlywed Himself:
“On December 28, Patty Youngberg and I were joined in matrimony at a small Presbyterian Church just outside our hometown of Lafayette, IN, with a small number of family members in attendance.

“Patty and I go way back. We were in band together at Lafayette Jefferson High School. I was a year ahead of her, a sloppy trombone player who was out for good times. Patty was the good girl first chair in the saxophone section. We actually went out a couple of times (the second date was to see Rare Earth) before she got smart and said "enough of that junk." And she held to that for 30 years. Until the day she made the big mistake. A little over a year ago, I appeared on a History Channel show on the Dalton Gang. The Lafayette newspaper carried a blurb on the show, which Patty's mom saw and mailed to her in Florida. Patty, very unwisely, found my email address on my website and contacted me. I responded. And she responded. And that went on and on and on...And last week we ended up in front of a minister.”
—Mark Boardman

“‘Menage a trois’ is French for ‘in your dreams.”
—Esquire magazine

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