Thursday, February 02, 2006

February 2, 2006
Dan Duffy and Jessie Colter came by the office after their lunch at El Encanto yesterday. We had a very nice talk and Jessie ended up buying a bunch of books, back issues, T-shirts, etc. She is appearing in concert up at the Carefree Conference Resort on Valentine’s Day, and she has a new album coming out soon, produced by Don Was, who also produces The Rolling Stones. I gave Dan a hardback edition of CGII and a chine collet (French for “Layered Paper”) art piece of mine.

Maniac Feedback
“I like hearing what you paid for food, too. It keeps me up to date on Mexican food prices around the valley.

“Have you any idea how many people read your blog every day? How about putting a counter on the page? I'm curious.

“And finally, how about a photo of DAN !!!”
—Lauren, Maniac #19

Here he is, posing for one of my gunfighter references (in this case a study for gunfighter Gus Gildea). This was taken in my backyard about seven years ago. The photo doesn’t totally capture Dan’s studliness, but you get the idea. Yes, that’s a horny toad head coming out of the wall in the middle distance. Fitting, no?

More Brokeback Feedback
“Just read your email exchange about Brokeback Mountain and Bareback Mountain in your blog. It's just so depressing.

“Take any post like that, and replace 'homosexual' with 'nigger', and there's not a nickel's worth of difference between them. The only solace the old timer can take is he'll probably be dead by the time the majority of our kids grow up free of the hate he was taught.

“Well, that's my hope anyway."
—A friend who doesn’t want his name used

"Three things:I don't find [The Texas Cowboy’s comments in yesterday’s posting] a paradox at all. I laugh all the time at parodies of situations that I may not like or am uncomfortable with---i.e., SNL, The Daily Show.

“And while I personally don't care who someone is committed to (unless it involves children or is some form of victimization) or how they express it, voluntarily, I have no interest in seeing this movie. Then again, I don't care much for love, unrequited-love or lost-love stories or movies, period. And I don't care whether there are gay cowboys---or surfers or even American Presidents (unless they were hypocrites and opposed gay rights)---or who they were or the historical accuracy.

"I would, however, love to see a Saturday Night Live parody of 'Brokeback Mountain,' even if I don't know the story or have seen the film. If I were writing it, I would have someone impersonating John Wayne and Gary Cooper, confused about their sexual identities."
—Another friend who doesn’t want his name used.

However, Cathy Lamb, our Mohave County Union High School valedictorian (class of 1965) doesn’t mind if I use her name. She sent yesterday’s missive about salvaging cyberspace diaries, etc. I didn’t have time to clear her permission and posted her comments without her name to be safe. This morning she told me it was cool (for school).

Favorite Onion Headline de Jour
Texan Feels Emotionally Empty After Chili Cook-off

I just finished off the last page of my sketchbook last night (494 sketches!) without missing a day (November 12th thru February 1). I drove down to Desert Ridge Mall after work and bought two more sketchbooks and some new pens and ink ($48.75 biz account). Did first six sketches in the new book (which brings my total to 500). Working on a postcard scene of “Dude! Where’s My Ranch?” It’s for an upcoming issue. More later.

”Language most shews a man: Speak, that I may see thee.”
—Ben Jonson

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