Tuesday, February 21, 2006

February 21, 2006
Sometimes dads get a little proud. Please bear with me:

"Deena Bell will be joining us on the RES team delivering both English and Spanish presentations. She joined Vanguard in August 2004 where she assisted as a Core Phone Associate, an IID Specialist, a Spanish Queue Representative, and a back-up associate for the Core Correspondence Team. In June of 2005 she accepted a position with Small Business Services, and just recently, an internship as a Senior Associate within SBS. Deena has assisted both in Core and SBS as a Metrics in Motion Ambassador, member of the Cultural Events Committee, and as a United Way Campaigner. She graduated from Arizona State University in 2004 with a BIS degree in International Business and a concentration in the Spanish Language. Deena will report to Steve Roberts."

Worked all day on the Apache Kid Classic Gunfight. It’s complicated because it’s really two gunfights in one with really bizarre Apache names like this: El-cahn, Hos-cal-te, Say-es, Has-ten-tu-du-jay, Nah-dez-az, Bach-e-on-al, Bi-the-ja-be-tish-to-ce-an and don’t forget Bob McIntosh. Can you spot the really hard case? If you guessed Bach-e-on-al, you are one fine judge of character. Or one lucky guesser.

Fossenkemper In The Limelight Again
“Every morning I go for a walk. I’m listening an audio book ‘Judgment of Paris.’ by Ross King

"This book explains the often used phrase, ' In the Lime Light.'

"In the 1860's many French artists (poor like magazine publishers) could only afford photographs to use as models. Before the invention of ‘flash powder’ the early photographers used a technique called ‘lime light’ for their indoor shots. This was a process where lime was burned using a flame of Oxygen and Hydrogen. This combination made the lime glow with a very ‘harsh and unforgiving light.' The artists usually didn't like the results but at the time it was all that was available to use with the primitive cameras. So it appears that to be in the ‘lime light’ came from this period and practice."
—Allen Fossenkemper

At one I went to lunch alone at China Joy ($6.55, left a ten, includes tip), then made a bank deposit. Came back, handed off CG copy, then went into an executive session. Finances look good, We're going to remodel the office space, so Dave Daiss went over the plans. Came back to my office and went over narrative problems in Classic Gunfights with Meghan. Much wrangling of verbs and sensitive, twisted historical meaning. Hard slogging. Going to be a good one though.

Favorite Onion Headline de Jour
Wheelchair-Bound Student Would Have Preferred To Sit Out Pep Rally

"Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There's plenty of movement, but you never know if it's going to be forward, backwards, or sideways."
—H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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