Wednesday, February 22, 2006

February 22, 2006
I'm in Sweet 8 at Canyon Rose Swuites overlooking a narrow street (Subway St.) in downtown Bisbee, Arizona. It is literally an apartment with a kitchen, living room, library, wood floors. Very San Francisco-ish. Thanks Joel! (he got us the room because they're his account). And yes, the woman who checked us in said it was "Sweet" 8. And it is sweet.

We've been on the road all day. Left Cave Creek at six this morning. Had breakfast at a great little cafe in Casa Grande called The Cook E Jar. ($13.33 plus $5 tip).

Drove to White Stallion Guest Ranch underneath Panther Peak and south of Marana. Met with Russell True and got the full tour. Got magazines in all the rooms. Great ranch. Want to bring the family back.

At noon, George Laibe and I had lunch with Sandra Froman, the president of the NRA. Ate at the Metropolitan Grill (she bought). Lots of talk about Kathy's fave subject: The Second Ammendment. Ha.

Took George by Dillinger's apartment (see editorial, April issue). Then took off for Tombstone getting there around three. Met with Jim Clark at his store and went over logistics for a big show we want to do down there. Ended up in Bisbee at five and went to Optimo Hats to check out my "performance hat." Going to dinner with Grant down at a Mexican dive close to Naco. Got to run, no time for a quote.

"Hey, I'm happy to be posting on the road!"

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