Monday, February 20, 2006

February 20, 2006
Last night I read more of Blog by David Kline and Dan Burstein. Of all the business models that are evolving out of blogging (there are people making $40,000 a month on it), I realized my motives are quite simple: I love the form, I love sharing my ups and downs (so far) and most of all I love sharing what I pay for stuff (those Wranglers Kathy bought me: $70). I find it rather strange that money upsets so many people. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone how much money they make. Now, it doesn’t upset me at all. Never has. But I’ve found that it sure upsets other people to know what I make, so I've learned to be careful about telling some people, for their own protection. Here's a couple examples: How much did I make at New Times? $35K a year (I started at $110 a week in 1978). How much did I make on my movie deal with Honkytonk Sue ($30K). How much did I make on the radio? ($120K a year). What's the most I've ever been paid for a band gig? ($250). What's the average, monthly royalty payment on my books? ($350). What's the most I've ever been paid for cartooning? ($6,000 for six pages in Playboy, December 1986). What's the least I've ever been paid over a five-year-period? ($0 dollars for blogging). Ha.

Both Robert Ray and Robert McElroy out sick today. Needed to get a bunch of stuff scanned and started but that didn’t happen.

Working hard to finish copy on the Apache Kid escape before a quick road trip on Wednesday and Thursday, to Tucson, Tombstone, Bisbee, Rodeo, San Simon, Bowie, Safford, Thatcher, Fort Thomas, San Carlos, Globe, Kearney, Winkleman and—ta da—Kelvin Grade where Hunkydory Holmes had a heart attack when two Apache prisoners, El-cahn and Bach-e-on-al, jumped him in.

Hunkydory (yes, that’s his real name) also wrote poetry and was allegedly singing some of it in the early morning twilight at Kelvin Grade on November 2, 1889. Here’s a sample:

Oh, I am a jolly miner lad,
Resolved to see some fun sir,
To satisfy my mind
To Phoenix town I came sir,
Oh, what a pretty place
And what a charming city
Where the boys they are so gay
And the squaws they are so pretty

No wonder the Apaches jumped him, no?

If You’ve Ever Had Kids In College Department
Your youngster comes home from college for the first time.

“So how are things going?”


How is the food?”


“And how’s the dorm?”


“How is the football team this year?”


“How are your studies going?”


“Have you decided what you want to major in yet?”

“Yes. Communications.”

Finally, Equality I Can Get Behind
“I don’t care about more black athletes. I want to see more Black doctors and Black lawyers and Black Indian chiefs.”
—Sir Charles Barkley

I went home for lunch today and had a pastrami sando, a carrot and an apple. Worked on Geronimo’s coat for the skateboard piece. Cheated and used gouache. I hate Acrylics! It’s too gobby and dries too quick (as opposed to oil which dries too slow!). Hope I can varnish it over and save the tonalities.

Favorite Onion Headline de Jour
Transit Authority Pledges To Double Number of Out-of-Service Buses by 2007

“If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.”
—Old Vaquero Saying

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