Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 13, 2006
This morning I hit a milestone: 1001 sketches, without missing a day! Quite an accomplishment for someone riddled with ADD, if I don't say so myself. This morning I worked in the newly designated Honkytonk Sue workspace that Darcy helped me set up in my old dark room/spare bedroom in the studio. Today’s six sketches featured iconic Sue images for a possible poster.

News about the latest Billy dig up in Prescott. A Detective, Anna Cahall, nailed the latest wrinkle in the sordid soap opera: "It's a Billy Buff War," Cahall concluded. Meanwhile, down in the Old Pueblo, our own Leo Banks has written a blistering account in Tucson Weekly. Here’s an excerpt and the link:

A New Billy the Kid?
The mad search for the bones of an American outlaw icon has come to Arizona


Historians still puzzle over such basic Billy facts as the day and place of his birth, and even his real name.

Our Western legends often repel logic because, ultimately, they're not about the truth. They're about us.

Here we have a street fight, a nutty, eye-gouging brawl over a juvenile delinquent who, through some strange historical alchemy, captured America's imagination. Billy the Kid's legend has hovered over the landscape of the American West for 125 years, a Hindenburg of hype and fantasy, always there to nourish those who merely look up. It will never crash and never burn.

End of excerpt. Here’s the link for the entire article:

News From The Front Lines
Lee Jacobson from St George, Utah called to renew today and became a Maniac. He really enjoys the magazines. He asked if I was related to you and I told him that we are not related, but have been friends for many years and said to tell you that you have a friend that you have never met.
—Carole Glenn

Favorite Onion Headline de Jour
Shotgun Blast To Abdomen Just Pisses Wilfred Brimely Off More

“We can all sleep easy at night knowing that somewhere at any given time, the Foo Fighters are out there fighting Foo.”
—David Letterman

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