Tuesday, April 18, 2006

April 18, 2006
Darcy Peterson came out this morning to continue our clean-athon. She told me she confided to her husband, “If it’s a horizontal surface, you can’t put it in front of this guy.” Ha. Darcy also vowed to make my middle name “Neat.” To that I said, “Good luck.” We are making good progress and I highly recommend her services to anyone with ozone layer ADD.

I'm still tweaking the Honkytonk Sue postcard color experiement. Here's a taste of my latest efforts from last night. Still not there, but I'm on the case and won't stop until it's right as rain, Roy.

La Posada Foddah
“Glad you had a great time in Winslow! My husband and I stayed at La Posada a few years ago (and loved it) but we certainly did hear the trains. No whistle noise, just the rumbling. The tracks are to the south of the hotel, and our room had french doors opening out onto the west side of the building, so we could sit on our balcony and see the trains. We had trouble sleeping, until we saw the window air conditioner and turned on the fan for the noise. We slept fine after that. Maybe you had in interior room, or one on the north side. You're right about the food in the restaurant - it's excellent. I recommend La Posada to everyone who heads up that way.”
—Lauren, Maniac #19

“Wow, sounds as if I'd better figure on a Harvey House Tour road trip
in a few years. And somebody needs to bop the Seligman city council
on the noggin--that's a great building, darn it!”
—Emma Bull

And speaking of Emma, she gave me a follow-up joke from the Easter one I ran (see below):

“A woman opens her refrigerator and sees a bunny sitting there. When she asks why he's there the bunny replies, ‘This is a Westinghouse, isn't it?’”

"No, it's a GE."

"Oh, sorry. Wrong joke."

The 125th Anniversary of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral is happening this coming October. The official website with ticket info and events schedule can be found at


Favorite Onion Headline de Jour
Diabetic 8-Year-Old Throws Worst Birthday Party Ever

"It's all right to aim high if you have plenty of ammunition."
—Hawley R. Everhart

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