Thursday, April 06, 2006

April 6, 2006
More rain last night. Nice and juicy out this morning. Took the dogs up the road at about seven. Still cool, which in our neck of the desert, is fun.

I talked to one of our writers, Henry Beck, yesterday and he’s recommending an Australian Western called “The Proposition,” starring Guy Pearce. Evidently it has won a bunch of awards Down Under and hasn’t opened here yet, but Henry has a copy and assures me I need to see it. Henry says it has a very Cormac McCarthy feel.

Took Peaches to the groomer on the way into work. Kathy gave her a sedative so she put her chin on my lap and sighed all the way into town. She's a high strung bitch.

Called Gary A. Wilson in Havre, Montana as soon as I got into the office and he had a boatload of corrections on the Pike Landusky vs. Kid Curry gunights. Embarrassing ones (Lonnie Logan is actually spelled Lonie, and is pronounced Lone-ee) and critical ones (Parachute, Colorado robbery date was off by two years), Elfie Landusky never got pregnant by Lonie (that's a local myth), however, Gary gave us another tidbit to replace that one, and that is John Logan sponsored a Christmas dance at his livery stable the night before the shooting and at the dance Harvey Logan and Pike had words and they both agreed the next time they met one of them would die. That's pretty cool, no?

Regarding Yesterday’s Hunt for An 1893 Semi-automatic Borchardt
“Enjoy the blog & the magazine. Wondered why you didn't just check the
internet. First hit on Google was the following with nice illustrations/pictures

Best regards
Randy Brown, Mesa AZ

Well, duh! Thanks. What an odd looking pistol for an Old West gunfight! Amazing. We are using the image and have squeezed it in the layout (the issue goes out the door today!). Randy Brown, I owe you one. And speaking of the power of Google, I got this Email this morning:

“Just happened on to your site, see'n how I try to gobble up anything on the net doin' with the ole west, and especially Arizona. See Arizona is my home, where I grew up and where I played rock-n-roll at places like the Hi Ho Club, Doll House, Cedars, Embers and almost every frat house at the U of A. From 62' till 69' I was the drummer with the Lewallen Brothers and I'm write'n ya to thank you for the kind words you wrote, back in Feb., about the group. Those were the days! Ya know that whole Battle Of The Bands thing was really cool and it lead us to some great adventures.

“I often sit around and recall in my mind all the good times, and crazy times that Cal, Keith, Tim and I had. I'm live'n 2,000 miles away now from Tucson, but sooner or later I'll be retiring again and this time settling down for good out west.”
—Dennis Gamble

Favorite Onion Headline de Jour
Woman With Six Dogs Resents Non-Dogs

“One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards.”
—Oscar Wilde

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