Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 19, 2006
T. Charles called me from NYC at eleven this morning and told me he is walking down museum row on the east side of Central Park and there is a new Winslow Homer show opening May 19 called “Tourism And the American Landscape.” Unfortunately I’ll be in Kingman that weekend, so I asked for a full report from Tomas on one of my painting heroes.

Operation Fifty Bonus Circ Locations
We are looking for fifty new places to circulate and introduce True West magazine to a larger circle of friends, and future friends. What we are looking for are hotels, motels, B&Bs and hubs of interest where visitors who are already interested in the history and lore of the West will have access to our publication (this is not a resellers program, but controlled circ placement, i.e. free). Hopefully my list will inspire you to add outlets I haven’t thought of.

• The Boulders, Carefree, Arizona
• The Biltmore, Phoenix, Arizona
• La Posada Resort in Winslow, Arizona
• El Garces Hotel, Needles, California (being renovated by Allan Affeldt, same guy who did La Posada, scheduled to open in 2008)
• Rock Art Ranch, Winslow, Arizona
• Tonto Bridge, Payson, Arizona
• Kohl’s Ranch, Payson, Arizona
• Thunderbird Lodge, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
• El Tovar, Grand Canyon Lodge
• Quality Inn, Flagstaff, Arizona (I know the manager and he has frequently put mags in the rooms. He recommended a service that puts mags in all of the chains)
• Little America, Flagstaff, Arizona
• Lookout Lodge, Tombstone, Arizona
• Lariat Lodge, Tombstone, Arizona
• Holiday Inn Express, Tombstone, Arizona
• Sonoita, Arizona B&Bs and motels (Dave Daiss please help)
• Patagonia Hotel (Dave Daiss)
• Copper Queen, Bisbee, Arizona
• Irma Hotel, Cody, Wyoming
• Sheridan Hotels (Sue Lambert, help me with these)
• Helper, Utah
• Kanab, Utah
• Carson City, Nevada
• Alpine, Texas Best Western Motel
• Silver City, New Mexico
• Reserve, New Mexico
• Socorro, New Mexico
• Cloudcroft, New Mexico
• Ruidoso, New Mexico
• Cimarron Hotel, Cimarron, New Mexico
• Santa Fe Hotels and B&Bs
• Willcox motels
• Gallup Hotels (El Rancho?)
• The Strater Hotel, Durango, Colorado
• On the Plaza in Las Vegas, New Mexico Hotel
• Sportsman’s Lodge, Burbank, California

Email me (see link above) with your nominations. Of course, my list is dominated by Southwest locations. I'm counting on you to spread it around. Thanks.

News From The Front Lines
I just wanted to let you know that for me the May 2006 issue is the best overall copy I have read since first subscribing a few years back. The many articles are so diverse, well written and informative and the photograph selection superb. I even enjoyed the advertisements. I guess that’s why I’m a True West Maniac (79)!
—Jack Ingram, Severn, MD

Favorite Onion Headline de Jour
Texas Environmentalists Lobby For Solar-Powered Electric Chair

“History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme a lot.”
—Mark Twain

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