Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007
Strong memories of this day in 2001. I was going over the Jesse James escape route, after the Northfield bank robbery, with Jack Koblas at his home outside Minneapolis, Minnesota when the phone rang. It was a friend of Jack's telling him to turn on the TV.

And this month marks my eighth year at the helm of True West magazine. Quite a ride and I look forward to the next eight, and the eight after that, assuming I get the time.

Jeff Hildebrandt and the Westerns Channel are set to broadcast 100 hours of Gene Autry. Check it out here.

Billy the Kid’s jail site in Santa Fe has once and for all been confirmed, thanks, in part, to a photo and a map in my Billy book. See it here.

On the trip back to Cave Creek on Sunday, Jason and I stopped in Telluride. Jason was there the previous week to attend the Telluride Film Festival. He viewed some 14 films in three days and got to chat with legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog and Sean Penn among others. Our first stop was Between The Covers Bookstore, where I bought four books ($105, Sue account):

"Into The Wild," by Jon Krakauer, which has been made into a film, directed by Sean Penn. This is a book about a brilliant boy who graduated with honors, severed all ties with his family, gave away his car, burned his money, and criss-crossed the West with a new identity, ended up in Alaska where he came to a tragic and sad end—his body found and a journal. He has become a legend, with some hating him as a crackpot, and others as a courageous soul.

"Persepolis 2" and "Chicken With Plums" by Marjane Satrapi, an Iranian graphic novelist, who was also at the Telluride Film Festival. Her graphic novel has been made into an animated French film (the French love her).

"Historic Telluride: In Rare Photographs," by Christian J. Buys. Great photos of nineteenth century Telluride and I'm always a sucker for these kinds of books (I own hundreds).

We walked around town, had lunch at Baked In Telluride (heavy on the Baked, as in being stoned, a throwback to the old Hippie days of Telluride). It was in this famous bakery where we did a remote (on the road) KSLX morning show back in the early nineties. The table where we did the show from, was still there. Srong memories of a cold and snowy January morning. We started broadcasting at five in the morning and we went outside with a phone pack and did Tom Greene style ambush interviews. Amazing. Had an avacado sando. Very good. Sat outside and chatted up an English couple "on holiday." The woman was a handfull and kept regaling us with English slang. For example, she claimed that "a Bonnie Lass Toolie" was a good looking woman. She was a hoot. Liked her immensely. Not sure of the exact word order there, but I figure Fred Nolan will correct me.

Classic Onion Headline de Jour
133 Dead As Delta Cancels Flight In Midair

"My memory's not as sharp as it used to be. Also, my memory's not as sharp as it used to be."

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