Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 13, 2007 Bonus Bonus Blog
Working late at the office on scripts for the new Classic Gunfights episodes to be taped next week with the Outdoor Channel.

Meanwhile, back at the Kid Krazy Korral, the Kid from Kapitan responds to Fred Nolan's broadside from the other day:

"The 'schmuck', is Tom Sharpe. He and I've met via e-mail. However, I have not had the pleasure of a face to face. As you asked, I've sent your email on to Tom so he would know the depth of his error.

"You didn't ask but as you know I've at last over come my shyness and will tell you I thought his article he wrote was a great read. He kept the story in the light. A light that sells your books, keeps Sumner floating in the desert, funds the small burg of Hico, generates web-sites, provides Boze with fodder every 12 months for record sales, gives the lonely something to talk about on the internet, provides hours of good entrainment, keeps me out of my wife's hair, and puts money in the coffers of New Mexico. The 'schmuck' put the story in the news last week, something you and I did not- we must work harder. My hat is off to him, I think he did a great job.

"Lighten up Fred, laugh a bit, cut back on the starch in your English shorts. We don't own the story, it belongs to those that paid for it with their blood. We just like it and get to sit around in big hats and talk about it. Why don't we have some fun, work together, this is not a yank your smokewagon situation.

"We need to laugh about this, laugh at our own silliness and mad pooched out lips over guys that had on idea it would still be a hot issue. This is not a cure for cancer, it's just guys with an interest and to much time on our hands sitting around talking about dead bandits. At one time you and I were inking the other up in the newspaper. Jay Miller has called me a 'varmint' and later we laugh as we had lunch together...(sorry, Jay if that ruins your rep). Life is good, New Mexico is beautiful, my horses is fat, and I'm writing this with a smile, so don't fire back snot, we can be friends. Evens and the Kid shook hands after busting caps at each other.

"This story has allowed me to see things that put goose-bumps on my neck, and I know that there is much more out there for us to find. Hell, let's do it. I hope I am alive to see all the questions answered but know that is not going to happen. As I have said in the past a good story has a beginning, middle and an end, but a great story has a beginning, middle and never ends. So goes the story of Billy the Kid.

"In closing I'd tell you I liked your new book, yes I paid retail and if I ever see you in Lincoln County I'll hold you hostage until you sign it. I wish you well my friend."
-Steve Sederwall; the Varmint

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