Thursday, September 06, 2007

September 6, 2007
I talked to Paul Hutton earlier this week and we talked about the pages we put up on the new site. Paul told me he wasn't fond of the page with Mickey ascending into the storm of death. He said he thinks I'm taking the metaphor of Mickey's abduction by Apaches too far and besides, what happened to the most important part of that scene, where Mickey calls out for his mother?

I admitted I hadn't gotten to that sequence, and defended myself by saying the ascention sequence was more of a place holder than anything.

Previous to the call I had been working quite a bit on the Remington style (below, left) and feel confident I can ape him enough to fill in the pages that require his "look." So after the call, I shifted gears and started in on the "Mama" sequence. The basic sequence is a continuation of the approaching storm of death, young Mickey turns to look back at the house and cries out "Mama!" Inside the adobe ranch house, hidden off in a corner is Mick's mom, holding her other two children tight, afraid to move for fear the maruading Apaches, I mean storm, will take them as well. As Mickey's pitiful cry is heard again, she whispers "Felix!" but still does nothing. That storyboarding should look something like this (below, right):

Continuing the storyboarding, I started to noodle Mick's mom in dramatic lighting. Then it hit me: what should Mick's mom look like?

Open Auditions For Mick's Mom
Should Mick's mom (she was hispanic) be Frida Kahlo lean (top, left), or authentic Indio chunky? (top, middle) She's had a couple kids, you know. Or, should she be J-Lo hot? (top, right)

Weigh in right here.

1. Frida lean?
2. Indio chunky?
3. J-Lo hot?

If only we had a casting couch, we'd be in business, bigtime.

Classic Onion Headline de Jour
Hanukkah Decorations Being Defaced Earlier Every Year

"The ultimate result of sheilding men from the effects of folly, is to fill the world with fools."
—Spencer again

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