Saturday, September 22, 2007

September 22, 2007
Been sprinkling on and off last night and this morning. Just picked up a ten-foot ladder at Home Depot. Need to change the lights in the living room. Thirteen-foot-ceilings, a bit of a reach on the old ladder. Deena is bringing her boyfriend and his family to dinner tonight and Kathy has this thing about being respectable. Deena says it's going to be "Meet The Fokkers," and we are the old hippies. Heavy on the old.

Got this addition to the Jesse James movie editing:

"About the editing -- which began in January 2006, not 2005 -- for clarity mention the first editor was Dylan Tichenor ("Brokeback Mountain"), but he had contracted to do another film and so had to leave in the summer. Dody Dorn, Ridley Scott's editor for 'A Good Year,' took a crack at it, but had also contracted for another project and only gave it a month. At last Curtiss Clayton (who's worked often with Gus Van Sant) signed on and finished the film with Andrew Dominik. The rumor of thirty-five cuts seems highly unlikely to me. Seven full versions, varying in length, is probably closer to reality.

"About the horse traveling 85 miles -- that is mentioned in the novel but not the film.

"Good job!"

—Ron Hansen

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