Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 29, 2009
Two days ago I utilized for my six sketches various scenes from the French comic book of "The Wonderful Country":

That's Robert Mitchum talking to Mickey Free (top, left), although he probably looks a tad more like the person who drew it (artist pitfall #33). The next day, yesterday, I tried to flesh out one of the faces from the comic and find a reduced level of realism, all starting with the red dude at the bottom:

Not sure I succeeded. But, then, this is The Failure Express! That's why I really bailed into today's sketches with the ferver of a professional failure (Yes, I turned pro many years ago.):

I think the quickly rendered dust storm (middle, left) is stronger than the one I posted earlier, and which I spent several hours on. Sigh.

Gee, I wonder what the host of Standup Nation thinks about all this?

"I feel like I'm this piece of s--- at the center of the universe. it's a paradox: You're so s----y you ruin everything, but you think you're so important you actually are to blame."
—Greg Giraldo, host of Comedy Central's Standup Nation, quoted in the Psychology Today magazine article on Failure

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