Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April 7, 2009
Carole Glenn talked to Phil Spangenberger yesterday and he's going into the hospital to have a knee replaced. His recovery from the stroke is coming along well.

A couple people have commented to me about seeing Mickey Free on Cheyenne. Here's the Top Secret Writer:

BBB: So I saw that Apache Blood episode of Cheyenne about Mickey Free. Neat but absolutely nothing like we are doing. Cheyenne retrieves Free (young, handsome, two-eyed, with a Mexican captive wife) from the Apaches and attempts to reintroduce him to the white world. Free is kinda a sweet kid but the whites have issues that Cheyenne has to resolve before our boy can live happily ever after on the old Ward ranch that Cheyenne helps him reposses. John Clum is a minor character and there is a kindly reverend who takes Mickey in. No army at all, no scouting, just white captive brought back to the white world. Still, pretty neat that they even used the character back in the day.

Saw you on True West Moments after Cheyenne—you were very good and did not look as gay this time. Best, PH

Hutton is referring to a colorful tie he saw me in for an earlier True West Moment. Meanwhile, here's our version of Mickey Free as drawn by Frederic Remington on the cover of Harper's Weekly:

I'm closing in on 8,500 sketches. Here are yesterday's:

"Do not care overly much for wealth or power or fame or one day you will meet someone who cares for none of these things and you might realize how poor you have become."
—Rudyard Kipling

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