Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 12, 2009
I'm sitting in a little cafe in Quemado, New Mexico. Just had lunch, an iced tea and a club sandwich ($13 cash, includes tip). Hit rain at Red Hill, just east of the New Mexico line coming out of Springerville. Beautiful high desert thunder shower. Got a ticket on the Gila River Indian Res, trying to bypass Fountain Hills this morning. Usually cruise through there and save about fifteen minutes. Not only did I lose the time, but i'm going to make the tribe at least $150 richer (In-din copper got me doing 47 in a 30 zone).

Back on the road. Want to stop and sketch the graveyard here. Great old wooden crosses. Expecting to make it to Lincoln by sundown. Big day tomorrow.

I made it to Lincoln at 5:30. Hit rain all across the Malpais and Capitan. Very cool out. Feels great.

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