Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 27, 2009
Here is a total blast from the past (when rock videos were young and so were we). In 1986 I teamed up with Gordon Smith (who wrote the music), Dave Walker (who wrote the lyrics with me) and the Weaklies (our rock band, we all worked at New Times Weekly, the Weaklies, get it?) and Bryan Newmeister (video genius who worked at Channel 12 with Jerry Foster) and we produced a rock video for the Arizona Press Club Awards Annual Show utilizing the Governor of Arizona and many politicos of that era. Here's the video:

Media Scum Video

Bruce Babbit was governor of Arizona at the time. Fife Symington wanted to be the next governor of Arizona (he got his wish but probably regrets it today), Keith Turley was the head of APS (and nailed his part in one take) and Carolyn Warner also ran for governor, although I think she was the head of the education department of something at the time (she had it totally goin' on!). I'll ID more of the participants as we go along.

There are actually two parts to the video. This first part is the song, then we segued into an MTV VJ style program with totally tasteless video snippets of elephants being born, etc. More later. Check it out!

"If Pulitzers were Lincolns you'd all be driving Fords, you're scum, you're scum, you're scum, you're scum. . .you're media scum."
—The Weaklies

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