Thursday, March 31, 2011

Billy In Bonita

March 31, 2011

In meetings all morning, working on our mercantile online store. Lots of new product and cool stuff to buy going up soon. Then shifted gears and went over the Billy the Kid package for June. Going to be stellar stuff. I'm thinking about flying to Denver for the auction of the Kid photo in June.

Meanwhile, our office copies of the May issue came in. Very strong issue. One of the best Mickey Free episodes. May be the last one for a while. Need to move on to other characters. Have a cowgirl super hero I may spring on you. Working up the roughs even as you read this.

Went home for lunch and finished three pieces. Actually four, but one of them, I finished last night. First up is "First Light On Morning Mist":

Then grabbed a study out of my failure pile and tweaked it where it wanted to go and ended up with "Verdant Valley":

Although this one is totally out of my head (no reference, just hand on auto-pilot), it sure looks like the San Tan Mountains southeast of Chandler, Arizona. The irrigation ditch, or natural canyon (take your pick), happened very organically. Some sweet passages in this one.

Also, decided to do a black and white version of "The Country Jake" to feature in an upcoming True West Moment and got this scratchboard down on board:

That's the Hog Ranch at Bonita in the background, where Henry Antrim stole army saddles and horses, and also, where he killed his first man.

Heading for Santa Fe tomorrow and the big art opening at Due West Gallery just off the plaza. Got nine pieces in the show, all Billy the Kid related. Looking forward to the trip, but I must heed ol' Benjamin:

"One today is worth two tomorrows."
—Benjamin Franklin

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