Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Capucine & Froggy Hauan

March 8, 2011

A legendary Iowa relative, Norm Hauan, came out to Cave Creek today. After admiring my grandfather's 1940 John Deere tractor (which is going back to Iowa soon), we drove up to El Encanto for lunch. Caught up on all the Hauan history. My grandmother on my father's side, Minnie Bell, was a Hauan and my daughter Deena is named for Dena Hauan, Minnie's younger sister. Norm mentioned that his sister Googled Norm by his nickname, Froggy, and came up with this BBB blog entry from October 12, 2006:

A Froggy Proposition
“Did you ever see the Aussie Western The Proposition? I liked it. Hard to believe the lead Guy Pearce is the same clean cut cop in L.A. Confidential. I’m quoting USA Today in their review of the movie ‘not much of a date movie unless your steady is Belle Starr’. Froggy Howan-out!”
—Minnesota Mike Melrose, Arizona Republic, Automotive Account Executive

"For the record, the correct spelling is Froggy Hauan (a Norwegian farming legend from Thompson, Iowa, and a distant relative of mine. Melrose loves the name and uses it all the time to rib me)."

End of blog entry. Unfortunately, Minnesota Mike died a couple years ago and we all miss him.

Speaking of untimely deaths and Google, last night I watched the end of "Walk On The Wild Side", a 1962 film starring Laurence Harvey, Jane Fonda, Ann Baxter and a hauntingly beautiful Capucine, who played a lesbian prostitute. I knew the name Capucine was familiar so I Googled it. She was a French model, who made a quasi-splash in Hollywood, but Capucine committed suicide in 1990 walking, or jumping out the eighth floor of her apartment. Yikes!

Working on the newest Mickey Free installment The Fire Fighter. Added this image to the front end of the fire scenes (see yesterday's blog) to set the scene:

"Age is a very high price to pay for maturity."
—Tom Stoppard

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