Monday, March 28, 2011

Honkytonk Sue & The History Channel

March 28, 2011

Back in the office, working hard on the next issue, before I fly to Santa Fe this coming Friday evening for the Bang Gang art opening at Due West Gallery, just off the plaza.

This morning I discovered a couple images in my black and white files. One of them, is a sweet little pen and ink of Honkytonk Sue:

This dates from about 1985 and illustrates that even the Queen of Country Swing can have her heart broken.

Yesterday, Kathy and I met the kids downtown at the Matador for breakfast and I picked up a New Times. Inside, an article castigating Yuma, with the headline "A Sense of Yuma," caught my eye. In the article, George Carlin is credited with coining the phrase A Sense of Yuma. Excuse me, but here's a cartoon doubletruck a certain Kingman cartoonist did in the early eighties, in the same newspaper!:

And here's the second page:

Funny, how the Gateway to San Luis one still stands almost 30 years later. Ouch. And, unless someone can site a George Carlin reference to Yuma's "Sense of Yuma," before 1983, I think this textploitation is totally mine.

Going down tonight for a taping of a History Channel doc. Details tomorrow.

"There's many ways to be wrong, and no single way to be right."
—A.O. Scott

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