Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Complete Set of Razz Revues Goes For Record Price

February 16, 2012

Thanks to Kathy, I bagged a complete set of Razz Revues off ebay. Only set me back $275. In the first editorial, called "Regurgitation" I wrote, "On June 28th, 1972, we decided to produce something that would be a collector's item and worth a lot of money someday. We haven't decided what yet. In the meantime we created and published the first issue of Razz Revue."

It's a bit ironic—not to mention pathetic—that almost 40 years later, the only person who would consider these a collector's item is the guy who wrote those lines.

I did receive a bonus though. Underneath the 16 pristine issues was an issue of the Arizona Cilbuper (spell it backwards), which was a joint project between the underground New Times staff and the underdog staff of the Razz (essentially Dan the Man and me). The end result is this front page:

In the above photo is Doug MacEachern, far right (who is now an editorial writer at the paper we are parodying!); Mike Lacey next to Doug, and Jim Larkin, far left, both owners of the current Village Voice Media conglomerate. Love the subtle headline, "Spics span border for Yankee grave" which was a not-so-subtle rendering of the racial bias hippies saw in the Republic (and still do).

The Razz collection has a few sweet memories. The first appearance of the Heatwave Cafe:

Just discovered a letter on Razz Revue stationary, dated October 6, 1973, assuring Mr. Barlow asking about the availability of back issues, 1 and 2. The letter is signed by Terry Bell. Mr. Barlow evidently bought the back issues because he had the entire set. Amazing.

As I believe I have mentioned in my bio, the Razz lasted four years and 16 issues and made zero money. However, all of the experience that went into the process of putting out a monthly magazine gave both Dan and I excellent experience for putting out a monthly history magazine.

"If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else."
—Yogi Berra

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