Friday, February 10, 2012

Dead Birds And Whirlybirds

February 10, 2012

Just got the news Paul Bond died last night. Going to be a memorial service for the iconic, Nogales bootmaker next Tuesday.

Got a sneak peek at the script for the new Quentin Tarrantino Spaghetti Western: Django Unchained last night. Read half of it this morning and it is outrageous and very funny. Think Inglorious Bastards meets Jonah Hex.

One of the most life changing films I have ever seen was a documentary from the sixties called "Dead Birds." It was about two primitive tribes that worshiped and fought over dead birds. The exaggerated importance the tribes placed on this seemingly ridiculous superstition came home to roost in my own belief system. Up to that point (1966) I had never really questioned my own religious upbringing.

Yesterday I found these sketches of "dead birds" in my flat files in the garage:

Spent all day in The Beast yesterday feverishly working on a full page of centennial cartoons for a full page feature in the Arizona Republic which will run Tuesday, February 14, the birthday of Arizona statehood. Here is a sneak peek at the art:

Just had a surprise visit from Susan Sorg of Topsham, Maine. Susan used to work with legendary helicopter pilot Jerry Foster at Channel 12. Here's the crew, cameraman Bryan Nuemeister, Jerry and Susan in August of 1988, on the roof of the Channel 12 building:

"Share what you have to share."

—Captain Kangaroo

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