Monday, February 13, 2012

Sheriff Bob Paul Stands Tall, No. 12

February 13, 2012

Working out the final details on tomorrow's big Arizona Centennial BBB page of cartoons in the Arizona Republic. Have several tweaks I am requesting. Part of a huge 32-page-behemoth section. Proud to be part of it. Here's a scene that didn't make the cut, I'm sorry to say.

Loved the image but just couldn't come up with a decent joke about it. In these situations I trust Dan The Man Harshberger's zane radar implicitly. He balked at my line for this, something about in the last century we have gotten much more in touch with our feminine side—as long as the dude makes the kick, or something like that. Of course, Dan and I did the Razz for four years and if he doesn't think something is funny, then I don't run with it.

Meanwhile, getting back on the Bob Paul assignment for John Boessenecker. Here is a sketch showing the good sheriff with a background of the Old Pueblo, which is where he lived out his life.

"Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought."
—Henri Bergson

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