Monday, February 06, 2012

In Defense of Savagery

February 6, 2012

Finally, saw Drive. Thomas Bell brought it out yesterday and we all watched it. Really enjoyed it. Minimalist story, told well. Albert Brooks is fantastic as a stand-up mobster. Also recently saw Hugo and The Adventures of Tin Tin (weak stories, outrageous cinema techniques, which is the problem, it's all technique and no humanity), and before that I saw The Descendants, which has a sweet arc and has great humanity.

Speaking of the Ryan Gosling movie Drive can you believe some woman has sued the producers of Drive, claiming false advertising. Based on the trailer she thought she was going to see a movie like Fast And Furious. Just funny. For my money, Drive spins brodies around Fast & Spurious, I mean Furious. It would be like suing Kristen Wiig and the producers of Bridesmaids because you thought were going to see Brideshead Revisited.

I continue working on the Bob Paul commission. John Boessenecker wants to lean on the fact that Paul is massive at six four and 240, so I expanded the sketches to give him a bit more of a barrel chest.

Moved his pistol to the other side. Did a color study of this pose to try out the tonal values:

Went through my flat files in the garage over the weekend and found a couple keepers (did throw away quite a bit of weak crap). This one still stands:

In Defense of Savagery

"If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it."

—Elmore Leonard

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