Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Daltons Meet Groucho?

February 7, 2012

Still culling cartoons out of my flat files in the garage. Found this image of the dead Daltons, only someone has put a Groucho nose and glasses on Dick Broadwell.

Not sure why, although I suspect this had something to do with my BBB doubletrucks that ran in the Phoenix New Times back in the eighties. Here's another image that depicts Ronald Reagan as a Navajo President, holding two live rattlesnakes. Don't remember why on this one either, but it does have a certain vitality.

Going back even further, when I was doing the adventures of the DopeRoper in the mid-1970s I hat a set piece in a cliff dwelling and I whipped out this little ink wash:

And here's a nice, little pen and ink of a desert mouse about to get zapped by a great-horned owl. This was for a sequence of Honkytonk Sue that was to appear in a graphic novel, "The Man Canyon."

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