Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Are We There Yet?

March 19, 2014
  Dan The Man turned in Signature 11 of "The 66 Kid" last Friday and here I am at Command Central this morning looking at the last 10 pages.

Command Central at six a.m. with first cup of coffee, at right.

Are We There Yet?
  Lots of hangouts but it is going to wrap this Friday. Got an extension to reclaim a handful of spreads where the art could be better. The experience has been similar to a long road trip when you're a little kid. You start in total amazement and excitement, which leads to grinding routine, then detours and setbacks, then when it appears the destination must be over the next rise, you top a ridge and realize you have even more long valleys to go across the trackless desert. Finally, you top the final pass and you can see the oasis down in the valley, but the car you are in has a tire leaking air and you keep pushing it until you have to pull over a block from your destination to change the tire. And you can't find the lug wrench and the local station, which is back two miles in the opposite direction, doesn't have your size tire and and so you sit there, so close but yet so far until the night man jerry rigs twigs and scrap iron from a dumpster to create a makeshift wheel and you limp on the final leg of the trip and everyone at your aunt's house says, "What took you so long?" And when you tell them, they say, "That must have been fun."

  So, what have I learned?

"When the road ends, keep going."
—The 66 Kid