Saturday, March 08, 2014

Easy Rider Exact Spot Located!

  • March 8, 2014
       A "fried" on Facebook has located the exact spot of the Easy Rider photo I posted the other day. Check it out:

    • Hello Bob !
      Don't worry, I'm not the kid and you are not Olinger 
      I saw your post about Easy Rider on your True West blog and I think I have the answer. Look at this link:
      I think this is the right spot where the shot was taken... Keep on the good job and give my love to Arizona and New Mexico.
  • 20 minutes ago
    Bob Boze Bell
    • You have nailed it! This is the exact spot! How did you find it? And, I'm still a little lost though. Is this east of Valentine and is that Crozier Springs going up the road?
  • 5 minutes ago
    Kcirtap Yatsac
    • You are right Bob, this is about 3 miles north-east of Valentine. I must say luck has a lot of to do with my finding and I'm glad to see nothing has change since the making of the movie.