Monday, March 03, 2014

5,000 Pound Saguaro Smashes True West World Headquarters Sign

March 3, 2014
   We had a ton of rain over the weekend. Got a message on Facebook from a neighbor. Hilda Huntress, asking me if I had seen the saguaro damage at the True West World Headquarters. I had not. Drove in this morning to this sight.

Daily Wipeout: "5,000 pound saguaro takes out True West Building sign"

   Sad to see that big ol' flower go. A case of too much water, probably. Dave Daiss, the owner of the building was obligated by building codes to put a water catch all at the foot of his property and this area at the foot of the saguaro looked like a pond every time it rained. Not sure why it took this long (we have been in the building since 2002) but there you go.

  Speaking of keeling over, I was embarrassed by the old farts on the Oscars last night. Especially since they all are my age! I can relate but it's still cringe-worthy: we can't hear, we are driving erratically and we cry easily. Poor Bruce Dern, Liza Minnelli and Sidney Poitier. But, I guess it does beat the alternative, but not by much.

"Do not regret getting older. It is a privilege denied to many."
—good ol' Ben Rux