Monday, March 17, 2014

The Most Successful Western Painter of All Time

March 17, 2014
  On Saturday evening True West hosted a party at the classic Arizona Inn in Tucson to present the True Westerner of 2014 award to Forrest Fenn. One of Forrest's old friends showed up for the festivities and I got to chat with him. Howard Terpning is the Godfather of Western Art. He has been painting for 67 years (since I was born) and his paintings now sell for $1 million AND he has people lined up at his door begging for the next one. Here we are just before the ceremony:

Howard Terpning, Forrest Fenn and BBB at the Arizona Inn

Howard is 84 and Forrest 82 and both of them are going strong. Forrest has retired three times and has written 8 books with three more coming. Great role models, eh?

"If BS was free, the person with the biggest shovel wins."
—Forrest Fenn