Friday, October 17, 2014

Home Ahead of The Storm

October 17, 2014
   Woke up to a cool and cloudy day. Worked from home this morning, waiting for Eric from 24-Hour Car Care to come fix Kathy's Escape which failed emissions testing because of a faulty engine light deal. This is the third day and as many new valves.

Third Times A Charm: Eric installs third engine light fixture in Kathy's Escape

   Now I have to drive it for 30 miles before I can run it through emissions testing. Anybody need anything in Tempe?

   While I was waiting for Eric, I whipped out a little study of a snow scene:

Daily Whipout: "Home Ahead of The Storm"

   So many of these themes and scenes are cliches and it's very hard to do something new and fresh. Still, I take refuge in what a legendary film director once said:

"Every scene has already been done before. Our job is to do it a little better."
—Stanley Kubrick