Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mickey Free Rides Again!

October 30, 2014
   My production manager, Robert Ray came into my office two days ago and said, "I was just looking at ten years worth of art files on the server and you need to publish Mickey Free as your next book." He is right. Point taken. Commitment made. Thanks Robert.

Daily Whipout: "Mickey Rides Out of The Fire"

Daily Whipout: "Mickey Free Rides Past The Slag Heap of History"

Daily Whipout: "Mickey Free Rides to San Carlos"

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Daily Whipout: "The Showdown Between Mickey and The Apache Kid"

Daily Whipout: "Mickey With the Head of Pedro"

"On April 27, 1874, scout Mickey Free brought in the head of Pedro and presented it to Capt. George Randall at San Carlos."
—True West Moment, The Arizona Republic, October 23, 2014