Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Moon Over My Adobe

October 29, 2014
   Last night we had a sliver of a moon, which hung over the patio in our back yard like an orange slice:

Moon Over My Adobe

   My partner Ken Amorosano and I drove out to West Phoenix today to seal the deal on the inventory for purchasing the remaining Tri Star Boze books.

Several thousand BBB books are stored upstairs in this West Phoenix industrial space.

   I'm going to be at Changing Hands Bookstore this weekend for "The 66 Kid" book signing. I'm also gearing up for the one-man show of my cartoons at the Tempe Arizona Historical Society next month. Here's a taste:

Edmundo Mell poses for a piece on women and their hairdressers. Jackalope Ranch just posted a plug for the show right here:

201 Zany Zonies

"Whatever anybody tells you to do, seriously consider doing the opposite."
—Errol Morris, "The Unknown Known"