Sunday, February 12, 2023

Last Fandango at The Heatwave Cafe

 February 12, 2023

   It's time to right some wrongs, give credit where credit is due, and settle some scores. An era has passed and before you know it so will I.

   This is a small story hiding a bigger one, that I have never intended to discuss, until now.

   Here is how it came down:

End of An Era

   The historic Heatwave Cafe is closing its doors today before it undergoes a change in ownership, though plans for the dance hall-eatery remain Unclear. 

   According to longtime waitress, Rocita Bancada, who said she has been working at the cafe for 18 years, employees were told that it was closing a few days ago, but weren't given much information about why.

The Heatwave Cafe in the 70s
when it was a Ripsnorting cafe and dancehall.


   "It's upsetting," Bancada said. "It's like a shock. We don't know what we're going to do."

Chata & The Heatwave In Its Prime, 1979

    Here is what the cafe posted on Facebook this morning: "On behalf of the Blacanda family, and with a heavy heart, we would like to announce that the Heatwave Cafe will be closing on Sunday, February 12."

    Besides the great Mexican food, the Heatwave was known for it's loud and mediocre houseband, Jaybob & The Ramrods.

Jaybob & The Ramrods Jam Alot

   And, of course, some pretty straight-ahead line dancing and Country Swing shook the rafters on many a Saturday night.

   And, there were some legendary cowgirls who came to town to dance and hold court at the Heatwave Cafe.

   You may think this is some crazy shit I made up, but you would be backassward wrong.

Backassward In The Saddle Again

   Perhaps the biggest mystery of the crazy joint is how a middle-aged woman once mooned the bandstand on a Saturday night and lived to tell about it.

"Only time can heal what reason cannot."


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