Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Tombstone Road Trip And Classic Book Blurbs From Hell

 February 28, 2023

  Stuart's Tahoe is packed and we are ready to roll for a Southern Arizona book tour road trip. Going to be out for six days. 

  First stop is at 2:30 this afternoon at the Apache Junction Library.

   Then off to Tombstone for their first ever book festival tomorrow, March 1st. We are meeting in the historic Schieffelin Hall.

   Get ready for scenic photos along the way. Maybe even some historic ones.

A historic,  friendly photo of Earp researchers
meeting and sharing ideas in Schieffelin Hall
back in 2000

    We won't be going by the Blue Swallow but I am thrilled to have found this old postcard of how it looked in the beginning.

Blue Swallow Court

   You can expect to see this postcard, plus the full history of the famous motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico in our next book, "The 66 Kids."

  If you read all my favorite bad reviews yesterday, you might be amused to know my partner, Ken Amorosano (full disclosure: he was an agent in Hollywood before his publisher duties at TW) culled this classic quote from a so-so review:

"Bommersbach and Bell tell stories to intrigue and entice, giving readers curated pieces of women’s history in an enthusiastic mosaic."

—Julie Morrison, LA Review of Books

   Do you ever read book blurbs like this one and wonder if the sentence they poached actually matches the overall review? Here is the actual review so you can see for yourself.

The Actual So-So Review

“There's no way you're going to get a quote from us to use on your book cover."
—Metropolitan Police spokesperson, on a blurb request from the graffiti artist Banksy, who used it on the back cover of his book

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