Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Repaving Route 66 Just Don't Forget Winona!

 February 21, 2023

   The last couple of days I have been reminiscing about my early years growing up on Route 66 when my father ran numerous gas stations in Mohave County, including his first, in Peach Springs, Arizona in 1947.

If you have read the first volume, you know who The 66 Kid is, but that book is sold out and Dan The Man and I are considering a second volume featuring even more 66 Kids. If you have Route 66 memories we want to hear them. Besides, it gives us an excuse to run all the new-old photos we have found of the Mother Road since the first book came out. Like this one.

Peach Springs in The '20s before pavement.

  Which begs the question: exactly when did Route 66 get paved? There are clues:

Paved With Good Intentions

"December 15, 1929, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Route 66 was paved in Illinois and Kansas. About 2/3 of the route in Missouri was paved. The highway was completely unpaved in Texas. Just 64 miles of the 1,221 miles between New Mexico and California was paved."

If I had to guess, I would imagine much of those 64 miles of pavement were in Albuquerque, perhaps Flagstaff, or other semi-urban bergs on the route.

I absolutely love the following Bozecard that Dan designed incorporating the iconic Andreas Feininger photograph of Seligman, Arizona for Life magazine in 1947.   

Get Some Kicks, Indeed!

   Of course, in the second edition we will have even more bulgemobiles and big-finned-desert-destroyers.

Daily Whip Out: "Dodge Desert Destroyer"

Dan The Man's Bulgemobiles!

   Oh, and don't forget Winona!

   And, of course, a certain Flying A will definitely make a cameo.

   Because, truth be known, I was the designated Kid who iced those jugs.

   And, who knows, we might even get into pajamas along the way.

Route 66 vs. Cowgirl Pajamas

   Lots of miles to cover before we sleep. So, let this road trip begin!

"The past is always attractive because it is drained of fear."

—Old Vaquero Saying

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  1. The 66 Kid is a lot of fun to read. I didn't buy this book when it first came out, but it has become my go to for a nostalgic good time. It's like Tic-Toc for old people...just silly fun! Love the book!


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