Sunday, October 01, 2023

Unocito Bonito #48 & Liver Eating Johnson Gets The Triple B Colorization

 October 1, 2023

   Been getting up later because the heat is finally subsiding, but I still seem to run into the same, fantastic sunrises.

Head Shot: Unocito Bonito.

    By my count, this is the 48th shot in the Uno Sunrise Series. At this rate there will probably be a 365 Sunrise de Uno book and, or, calendar, available next fall. Or, not.

Take It Like A Man, Standing Up

   Sometimes I work standing up—at my art desk. And invariably when I do this, someone who also hangs out in the studio, sidles up underneath to stare at me.

Art Desk Stare Down Sentinel

   Perhaps this is merely his "feed me" look, or, at the very least, a "pay attention to me" look. but it is effective. My question is, why doesn't Kathy do this? Because, for whatever reason, it sure works!

Redford's Liver Eating Johnson Colorized

   Yes, we are considering Liver Eating Johnson for the December cover of True West, and yes, I am doing a Triple B color-by-degree on a black and white Redford movie still, and yes, I have my art references spread out in front of me, to be inspired from. Here's the first pass:

Daily Whip Out:

"Liver Eating Johnson Colorized"

Typical Publisher Behavior

   One of the shockingly rude aspects of being in print so long is running into a fellow newshound at the Werner Segarra Vaquero Show at the Scottsdale Museum of the West last Thursday night and we both started right in on the Mike Lacey Back Page Trial and our predictions about the outcome. Short version: guilty of racketeering, going to jail for a significant stay. We quickly segued from there into the shocking, but sad fate of Lacey's co-defendant, who drove to the Thompson Boyce Arboretum two days before the start of the second trial, and, well, he chose to leave the planet without getting out of his vehicle.

Jim Larkin, publisher of New Times Weekly

    My fellow newsprint junkie feigned outrage that Larkin didn't at least take in the spectacular Thompson Boyce state park offerings first, because this is such a beautiful time of year. This is a typical journalist tact, being so damn rude to each other about a tragic ending. Not really gallows humor, but more like deadline humor.

  One of the things I remember most about starting work at New Times back in 1978 is how Jim told me they could only pay me $110 a week and when I readily agreed, he told me he was kicking himself for not trying to get me for less! It was a breathtakingly honest admission from the typical publisher MO-BS. I always loved the guy for that.

"They weren't making a living but they were doing what they wanted to do."

—Ed Fancher, founder and publisher of The Village Voice, speaking frankly of his early staff, and, who just passed at age 100


  1. Love the Jerimiah Johnson colorization-nice work. In the movie he takes his Hawken rifle from a man called Hatchet Jack. in the autobiography that Johnson wrote this was Hatchet Jack Ireland, being that we are Ireland's my Dad told me HJ was kin to me. Being I was 7 years old I believed it, now that I'm older and wiser...I still believe it. I had a 12" statue of Hatchet Jack made as a Christmas present to my Dad before he passed away, we loved that movie. It's funny how you can carry the emotion of a movie in your heart your whole life. Keep up the great work!

    1. Bradley, when the issue comes out we may want to run your comments in letters. What is your city and state?

  2. Nothing in particular against Robert Redford, but Clint Walker would be a more accurate model. By all accounts Johnson was a big, big (really big) man! During the time he was at war with the Crow he used to ride along singing grand opera at the top of his lungs, daring them to come and get him. Johnson is one of the few historical figures the movies have had to tone down rather than exaggerate.

    1. Mr. Fleetwood, when the issue comes out we may want to run your comments in letters. What is your city and state?


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