Wednesday, September 11, 2002

September 10, 2002
Lots of meetings. Today is the first day for Jana Bommersbach who will be our Special Projects Editor. We had a very lively staff meeting at nine, then followed up with a strong editorial meeting to attack 2003 issues. Met with Roland, Sage and Jana. Then Jana and I went to lunch at Tonto Bar & Grill ($30 Sue debit). She is excited and it’s contagious.

Got back to office at two, met with Bob Brink and continued editorial planning. Chose the 50 Most Western Cities for Travel Issue.

I took off at 3:30 to go to dentist. Got teeth cleaned. Sandy made me promise to use my Braun toothbrush and I did, but I rarely do. This has only been going on for about, oh, six years. Ha.

Left there at five, drove out to Glendale for a speech at the Valley of The Sun Romance Writers meeting at Bowman’s Bungalo. Nice meal. About thirty women and one guy. Very nice crowd. Talked about my journey and all the things I did wrong (and continue to do wrong). Good speech but I think I went on too long. Could have ended sooner and left them wanting more, but noooooo. My big, fat ego knows no bounds. Kicked myself all the way out to the parking lot. Left them each an issue of TW. Big rain while we were inside. Running water in gutters as I left around 7:40.
Went by Dewey Webb’s house. Actually his parent’s house. He had called me and wanted to give me a movie poster. It’s of Mamie Van Doren in “Born Reckless,” a wonderful, camp, fifties Western. Very cool. Had a beer and sat and talked with his parents. Very nice people. Dewey is doing research on absinth for a possible article. I told him I want to do something on drugs in the Old West. Traded gossip about New Times, left there at 8:40 and got home at 9:20.

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