Sunday, September 29, 2002

September 28, 2002
It was Sage’s last day so we had a big lunch in the conference room with pizza from Barros’ and Karen R. made a delicious homemade cheese cake. Many laughs and she teared up a couple times.

Finally started on next issue’s Classic Gunfights: Ingalls. Cribbed from Glenn Shirley’s book. He was so good, and I was so lucky to have visited Ingalls with him before he died. Got to thank Bob McCubbin for that.

Last week when I drove down to Douglas, WY to visit my mom, I got to see some interesting country. My route took me thru Meeteetse, Thermopolis, Shishoni, Casper and Glenrock. It’s hard to believe there is any over-population problems anywhere when you make this trip. As I drove, I thought up several ideas for our Special Travel Issue. Among them:

BBB’s Five Road Rules:
• You must leave before daylight, preferably one hour before (this was my Dad’s regimen and I rarely get Kathy to do it. She likes to leave around 10 in the morning and it ain’t the same. In fact, it’s totally anti-pioneer!).
• After you’ve driven for an hour or so, you must stop and eat at a real cafe that serves bacon and eggs (no franchises).
• If you listen to the radio you must find a local station that does the hog report (almost impossible today with all the syndicated, cookie-cutter music formats).
• You must stop at every museum and hysterical marker (or, historical marker, if you prefer).
• You must avoid the freeway wherever possible, especially in towns. Take the business route and see the decaying downtowns (which are decaying because of the freeway that bypassed the town!).

I’ll tell you about Walleye Patti, the woman who changed my life, manana.

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