Wednesday, September 25, 2002

September 25, 2002
I worked last night for over two hours catching up on journal entries and on items for here, went to Blogger site and pasted it all in and when I tried to post it, the computer froze. Didn't save. Lost it all. Sigh.

The DOW went in the toilet yesterday. Five year low, etc. Really makes it scary for the magazine. Talked last night and this morning about what to do. Kathy thinks I need to trim costs and live within a budget (imagine that?!). I feel like I need to turn up the throttle and gain altitude, motor thru the stall. A plane taking off became the metaphor. The damn thing is finally airborne, but the wheels are hitting the trees. Kathy says, “Throw out cargo,” and I’m saying, “Hit the gas and power thru it.”

The problem is, everybody is about half right. And the question is: which half do you believe? You can't slow down and speed up at the same time, and I’m haunted by the saying that most business failures stem from trying to rein your horse in, in the middle of a jump. But Kathy is right in that very few people go broke being conservative. OUch!

We flew our best photographer, John Beckett, to Cody last Friday to join Stacy and I, so we could do several fashion shoots with Sherry Holt and other Western designers who were at the Cody Design Conference. Got some great stuff. The Holiday Inn was booked solid, so John, who is African-American, slept in my room. Big King size bed, but we both hugged the outer edges and I don’t think either one of us even turned on our sides for the whole night. Ha. In the morning John quoted the classic movie “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” lines: “I’ve got my hand between two pillows...” We laughed nervously.

Kathy called on Saturday morning and kidded me about my sudden urge to choose black men since our anniversary (if you’ve been reading this you know what that refers to).

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