Tuesday, September 10, 2002

September 9, 2002
Big problems with corrupt files. Our holiday issue was supposed to go to the printer today but it almost didn’t make it out the door. Robert Ray had seven pages with corrupt files and when he tried to flight check them, they wouldn’t go. He fretted all night Sunday and all day today. Several frantic phone calls to our printer in Kansas City. Finally got them to fall around 3:30. He wrote the PDF files, and rushed it out the door to Fed Ex at four. Whew! If people only knew how close to the abyss we come almost every issue they would be amazed (or amused).

Lots of rain. Marshall Trimble (he writes Ask The Marshall) came in around 9:30. Staff anxious to meet him. Ted wanted a photo taken with him, so I took several. Drove him out to my house and I shot off about a dozen reference shots of him standing in the rain with the cave Cave Creek is named for in the background. I’m doing a portrait of him for the Kierland Commons Hotel. Got some good stuff ($12 Sue debit, Foothils Photo, one hour turnaround).
Also had several hangouts on photo credits for Wild Bunch. One in particular involved a hostile owner, but I finally got clearance in the evening. If we hadn’t got it, I would have had to do a painting of the image and replace it on the press next week. Would have cost a bit to do and besides it would have looked rather lame. That was a relief. The photo ownership deal is so crazy. No one really knows what the legal perameters are. Some say “you can’t copyright a photograph. Only the person who took the photo can own it.” And “anything taken before 1923 is public domain.” On the other side are the museums and facilities who charge for photo usage. The situation is sticky because there are other facilities that own the same pictures and they don’t charge, so it’s really a Bermuda Triangle of legalities. Still, it’s nice to have clearance and not have the hangout factor.

Tomorrow we start on our 50th anniversary issues and Jana Bommersbach will be coming in to be our Special Projects Editor. I am very excited about this. We’ve got big plans.

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