Monday, September 09, 2002

September 8, 2002
I am back from Santa Fe. We flew to Albuquerque on Wednesday morning. Had to get up at 3:40 am, got to airport at five, heavy security. Got on plane at six, flew to Albuquerque and we were met by Bob McCubbin who drove us to Santa Fe. Worked all day Wednesday scanning in original photographs that belong to Bob Mc.

On Thursday we scanned more images and a Hollywood crew came in to film interviews with me and Leon Metz and Drew Gomber for a DVD of "Young Guns." That lasted from about noon until 7:30. Then we drove down to Canyon Road and had dinner at a sidewalk cafe (El Farol). It was fun.

Got up on Friday, Bob drove us back to airport and we took off for Phoenix. Got back here at 11, got to office around 12:15 and worked until about six.
Also worked Saturday and have to go in today. It really rained here last night. Long rolling thunder, heavy rain on and off all night.
Our latest issue goes out the door Monday. We are in record territory both in page count (120) and ad sales ($61K). We seem to be on a winning run.

I got an email complaint from a new subscriber from Austin: “I received my first issue of your magazine today. I must say in some areas I was pleased with my recent decision to subscribe to your magazine. However, your mention of Ann Richards and Molly Irvins under Austin as the Best Wild West Town made me reconsider that decision. If you knew anything at all about them you would not hold them out as examples of anything good or certainly any appropriate reason to have chosen Austin as the Best Wild West Town.” (Billy the Kid, Best of The West, October issue).

"When you cannot make up your mind which of two evenly balanced
courses of action you should take—choose the bolder."
—William Joseph Slim

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