Saturday, September 14, 2002

September 13, 2002
Read in this morning’s paper that Nick Nolte (once dubbed the “Sexiest Man Alive”) was pulled over on suspicion of DUI and that he had “droopy eyes and was drooling.” Kathy dated Nick back in the sixties and I knew she would want to see it so I cut it out and underlined the “droopy” and “drooling” part and placed it on the kitchen table before I went to work. Petty? Immature? I should certainly hope so!

I also read about Warren Zevon having inoperable lung cancer. Sweet Jesus! And he’s 55!!! Ouch! He summed up his predicament by saying, “I’m OK with it, but it’ll be a drag if I don’t make it until the next James Bond movie comes out.” Now that’s funny—and courageous.

A long one in the office. Lots of budget problems and office politics. Printer sent our page proofs to the wrong zip code so I’ll have to come in tomorrow morning and wait for the Fed-Ex guy and then call everyone to come in and do proofs. More stuff like that. It wasn’t fun, but hey, it beats cancer.

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