Friday, June 20, 2003

June 20, 2003
I did a quick scratchboard of Billy with a shovel last week (Dan H.’s idea) and earlier this week Dan whipped out two versions for a possible T-shirt design. Here they are. Which one is the coolest? The full length or the cropped version? One wag said it should really say “Where’s Billy?” Is that better? Vote right here.

Tweaked cover copy for October issue with Meghan and R.G. Got some better teasers going. The cover blurbs are so important. We were looking at the English version of Esquire which is loaded up with twice as much copy (it also had a poly-bagged DVD of the best British comedy, which prompted Mike Melrose to quip, “That should be a short two minutes.”).

Went to the coumadin clinic at three yesterday. My coumadine score came in at a 1.9 (therapeutic level should be a 2.0). That was good, although the nurse asked me if I am bruising easily yet, which evidently is a by-product of this whole deal. Can’t wait for that.

Kids sent photos via the internet of them on their host’s boat somewhere off the coast of Long Island. Really looked like fun. Thomas starts his job this week. Deena is still looking.

Had a mysterious call yesterday from a guy who told us he had a hard time finding us (too true!), how much was a one year subscription ($29.95) and other pointed questions. He hung up, called back and asked Carole if we were having financial difficulties. Thinking perhaps it was some snooping crazy (we have our share of chronic crazies, and not just in the Earp field), Carole diplomatically answered (“We like money.”). The guy then suggested he send in $100 for a three year subscription and Carole thanked him but said we wouldn’t accept that (Dammit Carole!). He tried again to send the extra money but Carole countered with a four year deal at $89.95. He begrudgingly accepted. Amazing story, but true. There are some very nice people out there rooting for us.

“Success and failure are both difficult to endure.  Along with success come drugs, divorce, fornication, bullying, travel, meditation, medication, depression, neurosis and suicide.  With failure comes failure.”
—Joseph Heller

P.S. I guess I haven’t experienced full success because I have never considered meditation.

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