Sunday, June 29, 2003

June 29, 2003
Kathy and I met the Brinks for dinner last night at Tonto ($54 biz debit). Great time. Bob was in New York last week and ran into the head honchos of two cable channels (Bob helped create the networks when he was at Hearst) The upshot is both execs expressed an interest in a show built around True West magazine. Very exciting.

Got three roughs of Vera going yesterday. Still haven’t captured her essence. Need to bail in today and get something going.

Last Thursday morning I spent some time with Steve Sederwall, the mayor of Capitan, New Mexico and over breakfast he spun out the Digging Up Billy story that ended up landing on the front page of the New York Times. We (he and another participant, Lee who is filming a documentary on the dig) drove over to Carizozo and looked at Robert Olinger’s bloody wallet which is framed in the county clerk’s office. Olinger was killed by Billy the Kid when the outlaw killed his two jailers and escaped hanging in April of 1881. Steve is a cop and knows how to play the media like a violin. He is having fun. I took note and notes.

As of 8:10 this morning, I’m fasting and drinking Phospho-soda (Ginger-lemon flavor bowel cleanser) because tomorrow morning a certain doctor is going to drive a bus up the tight curves of my rectum.

“To love what you do and feel that it matters -- how could anything be more
—Katharine Graham

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