Saturday, June 28, 2003

June 28, 2003
Went into town at eight this morning and caught a big sale at Robinson’s May. Got a new jacket ($200 jacket for $89)), slacks ($75 for $62)) and tie ($29 for $18) for TV taping next week (with all the sale discounts the total was $168). Felt good. Wanted something that didn’t look too Nashville (Nudie variations) or Dude-ish (Dennis Weaver on The Westerns Channel) or Single-Action-Shooterish (Wah Maker) or Foo Foo (Tuxedo Junction). I wanted something casual but professional looking and I think I found it. When you see the new History Channel series, Old West Tech, you can decide for yourself.

Came home and started on Vera McGinnis stamp ideas. We are featuring her on the cover next issue (October) and we’re going to petition Congress and get her on a stamp. Whether they use one of my designs remains to be seen, but we’ve got the backing of the Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Jana is going to do everything in her power to make it happen. And when that gal sets her mind to something, look out!

I don’t have the best art education (not the college’s fault, it’s mine) and I lack some basic talents, but it’s too late to turn back now. Besides...

“If you pray for a Cadillac and God sends a jackass, ride it.” —Old Vaquero Saying

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