Thursday, June 26, 2003

June 26, 2003
I’m in Ruidoso. Going to go to the Hubbard Museum this morning to talk to Drew Gomber and John Jeffers about filming bumpers for a certain cable
channel. Great prospect and I’m looking forward to coming back with a film crew.

Here’s the main topics of my speech tonight for the Chamber dinner (business advice from a cartoonist!):

• Don’t rein in your horse in the middle of a jump

• The higher up the flagpole you go, the more people can see your rear-end.

• If two people in business agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary.

• Poor New Mexico: so far from heaven, so close to Arizona.

Carole shipped ten of the new Digging Up Billy issues to the Hubbard and at the culmination of my speech I’m going to pull out a copy, show it to the
audience, then tell them: “If you’d like a free issue, simply be one of the first ten to go to the Hubbard Museum to see the Gunfighter Show and tell the
person at the front desk the secret code, which is ‘Jackass from Arizona,' and you’ll get your free issue.”

“I think part of leadership is knowing when to be compassionate and when to be brutal.”
—Joel Schumacher (he directed “Phone Booth”)

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