Wednesday, July 16, 2003

July 16, 2003
Yesterday was the hottest day on record for Phoenix. Technically it was the highest low overnight (it never got below 96 degrees and it was 114 in the day). We are about a thousand feet higher than Phoenix here in Cave Creek, so we typically run about 10 degrees cooler; however there is very little difference between 104 and 114.

Jana finished the History of True West yesterday and I read it. Quite good, although it will undoubtably be criticized by the usual suspects (former editors). We are also listing all the editors of the magazine and it was amazing to see how few there have been in 50 years.

Jana treated us to lunch at the Satisfied Frog. Meghan, Sue H., Gus, Robert R., Abby and I had a good time talking about our forthcoming True West Camp which will be held in October at Dave Daiss’ ranch. The boys will sleep in tents on the parade ground and the girls will be in the bunkhouse. And of course the bunkhouse is off-limits to the boys after dark. Ha. Going to be fun.

I wrote up my opinion on 11 historically accurate Westerns for our list of 50 coming out in December issue. Just as a tease I included Union Pacific, The Big Trail, Tombstone, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, Lonesome Dove, among others. These films were noted not because they were completely accurate but because of specific attention to detail (in Tombstone it was the hats and clothing).

I also wrote up a long list of possible Classic Gunfights for our meeting in New York in two weeks. It’s an impressive list (three pages so far).

Just captured a Mojave Rattler outside my studio door (7:15 AM). Very aggressive (they are noted for not giving you the courtesy rattle before they attack). Grabbed the pool skimmer and a rake, sandwiched him between and threw him over the back wall.

Road trip alert: Ed Mell can’t go to Lincoln this weekend. Who wants to go? We’ll split gas and driving and the rooms at Casa de Patron are $65. Sorry, no Earp nuts, please.

“He who takes a stand is often wrong, but he who fails to take a stand is always wrong.”
—Old Vaquero Saying

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