Sunday, July 06, 2003

July 6, 2003
Is it just me or is everyone on the Atkins diet? When I was in Ruidoso at the Chamber speech, half the people at my table were on it. Last weekend when we were at Tonto with the Brinks, the waiter said they have had to change their menu on the fly to accommodate “low carbs” requests. The waiter also estimated 30% of his diners are on Atkins. That is a huge number, if true. Of course, some of this may just be selective perception: when I got a Ford Ranger, I suddenly saw Rangers everywhere. When I got my blood clot, suddenly everyone I met was taking coumadin.

Got a couple of good paintings and scratchboards finished yesterday. Polished off a portrait of Vera, an obvious swipe from Nagel, but it’s a good likeness.

By the way, I commented on my colonoscopy and eating food after my fast last week (July 1). Continuing the geography metaphor (I found out my 10-year-old nephew is reading this), I want to say we visited Costa Rica yesterday and my comment about food being better than visiting Costa Rica was obvious hyperbole. Costa Rica is exotic, tropical and can’t be overrated in terms of pure, unadulterated and titillating thrills. Unfortunately, my wife and I don’t travel as much as we used to (my outboard Evenrude is an older model) but when we do get down the coast, we really like to hug that coastline. Ah, Costa Rica! Ancient treasures, forbidden fruit, extra cargo, it’s all there for the taking. In fact, we had so much fun down there, we may go back before Christmas.

Sorry. Got carried away.

"I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure."
—Clarence Darrow