Tuesday, July 01, 2003

July 1, 2003
I was high on demeral (sp?) most of yesterday. Kathy said the doctor talked to me after the colonoscopy but I don’t even remember it. Evidently he took seven biopsies out of my Argentina area. Kathy dumped me at the house and I pretended to work, but I didn’t get far. I did eat actual food and that was as good as any sex I’ve ever had.

I’m flying to LA today. Taping another talking head segment for the History Channel in the morning, then flying back. Too much travel. I’m ready to veg at home for awhile.

I got a call at the house from a “music survey” guy. He asked me if I work for a radio station or a research company and I said, “No.” He asked me my age and I said, “56,” and he said, “Thankyou but we have enough statistical data for that age group. Is there anyone younger in your house?” I said, “No, I’m the youngest.” He seemed irritated by that: “Are you sure there isn’t someone younger?” I hung up on him. I remember being on the radio and we constantly sold the 25-54 demo as the ideal commercial mix. I never thought about being outside of that, but here I am. Interesting place to be: not desirable as a consumer.

“Most of our so-called reasoning consists in finding arguments for going on believing as we already do.”
—John Wesley (founder of Methodism)

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