Wednesday, March 17, 2004

March 17, 2004
I just happen to know someone who is really tied into college basketball and I asked him this afternoon what is the problem with the Arizona Wildcats this year and he said, “They’ve got six kids who are probably all going to play in the NBA and only one ball.” My source also told me the reason Salim was “suspended indefinitely” last month is because at the Oregon game, Salim’s mom was sitting behind the bench and giving Shakur a hard time about not getting the ball to her son. After the game Shakur had words with Salim about it and Stoudamire took a swing at Shakur. My source also criticized the Wildcats for not running many set plays, not screening for each other, basically selfish play (this has been reported). Even more shocking is this little bombshell: allegedly Coach Lute Olson is not even travelling with the team anymore. His new wife is rich and he flies on his own private jet to games and meets the team at the games. However, in spite of the negative scouting report, my anonymous source predicts the Cats will beat Duke in the second round, because even with all of their problems, Arizona is still the best team in college basketball when they play together, and for that game they will do just that. Hmmmmm.

Last night I finished five scripts for the Western Channel and e-mailed them to Denver. Met Kathy, Deena and her current Idaho beau at El Encanto at seven. Place really slammed. An hour wait, several hundred people there. In spite of the wait, had fun (Sonoran enchiladas and margaritas, $44, Kathy bought).

Mike Melrose and RG Robertson went down this morning to set up for Festival of the West at Westworld in Scottsdale. Got a new layout this year. We’ve got three tents and a sweet layout down on the polo field where Chuck Wagon Row is set up. I won’t be able to judge the chuck grub this year because we’ll be taping the Westerns Channel bumpers on Saturday morning.

We’re thinking of starting a membership club with a lifetime subscription attached and discounts at bookstores and museums, etc. Can’t think of a downside on this one.

I’m supposed to drive down to Tucson in the morning for a federal trial. Will have to leave at four in the morning, but the lawyer is supposed to call me tonight. The word is they’re moving slow and I told them I couldn’t hang (figuratively) with a business meeting back here in the afternoon. Going to be a long one.

"I've been so busy—I don't know if I found a rope or lost my horse."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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